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This is the perfect place for us to get to know each other.

Meet your photographer...

Hello! My name is Emily and I am the creative behind Emily Sidney Photography.  Sidney is my middle name and it is very special to me because it was given to me after my great-grandfather. I have been doing photography for the past 13 years and have enjoyed every moment along this journey. This is the only career path that I have taken that felt 100% right and I am so grateful that this is my full time job.

My passion for photography started when I was modeling. I would always love seeing the outcomes of the photoshoots and knowing everything about the process behind the scenes. I decided to invest in my own camera and started taking my own portfolio photos and fell in love. I then began taking photos of my friends and other people and haven't stopped since.

I understand how it feels being on both sides of the camera, so it is my goal to make whoever's in front of my camera to feel as comfortable and confident as possible.


A look into my life

Here's a little peek into my world and the support system that keeps me going


Dewitt for Love Photography


I currently reside in St Petersburg, FL after moving here from Pennsylvania in 2017.  I live with my two bunnies Walter and Wellington who also serve in house models.

My fiance's name is Matt and we got engaged the summer of 2022 and are currently planning our March 2024 wedding. We love to travel and I will always have my camera wherever we go, a blessing and a curse. I am a die hard Swiftie and my main photography goal is to photograph one of Taylor Swift's album covers. Last but not least, I am really tall. I just thought you should know.

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