• Emily Canfield

Giroux Family Portraits, St. Petersburg Florida

A few weeks ago I went to visit my best friend, Marielena and her two insanely beautiful girls, Adelina and Luna. I'm not being biased just because I'm their Aunt Emmy, they are two of the most adorable children I have ever seen. I always joke with Marie how she needs to get them into modeling, because Addie, her oldest, is the next "Gigi Hadid". So in our truest form we decided to have a little photoshoot on one of their morning walks. What I thought was a casual stroll, actual turned into a magical montage of precious moments that if you're not paying attention could easily be missed. Like the way Addie carefully picks the flowers to make her bouquet, or the way she confidently leads the way with a sway in each step. Also the way Luna lights up anytime you give her a flower to hold or spin her around. Moments pass and while memories keep them alive, so will these pictures. I'm so happy I got to share in this adventure with one of my favorite families and give them memories that now will stand the test of time. Here is the video and photos from that day!




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